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How to Buy
A-Search products or suppliers .
B- Let Suppliers find you. .

A1-Search Products or suppliers:
Write your keyword in the search box and click search, for example you are looking for (fabric) you may just write fabric in the search box and click search. For an effective search, it is best to enter as many search terms or phrases which exactly qualify the subject in which you are interested. The more precise you can be by offering more exact terms, the better the results.
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Or you may browse esimsim categories and sub-categories to find suppliers and products easy.
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A2- A2-Contact Suppliers:

As soon as you find the product of selling lead of your interest, you may send inquiry easy by clicking on the (inquiry) box.

You may also send multiple inquiries to suppliers buy using inquiry basket.

B- Let suppliers find you.
B1- If you want suppliers to contact you, just post a buy lead, buy going to my eSimsim>My buy offers>Add new buy offer.
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B2-To read messages sent from suppliers just go to My eSimsim>My message center>inquires
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