expaned perlite
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Expanded perlite is preheated, baked instantaneous expansion by expaned perlite ore, which is made after an internal honeycomb structure of the white granular material. Perlite Principle and the expansion of configuration: Expanded perlite is crushed by the ore, dealed with the rapid heating (1000℃ above). After the moisture vaporization ores and minerals in the particles soften internal expansion, the formation of porous structure, expansion to the original 10-30 times. The expanded perlite can be sorted to 3 fonfiguarations by the technical conditions. They are the open hole (OPEN CELL), the obturator (CLOSED Cell), the hollow hole (BALLOON). White Granulated (internal cellular structure) ) Non-toxic, odorless, corrosion Neutral PH6.5-7.5, Acid and Basic, Resistance, not burning Light weight The expanded perlite main characteristics : Light porous Unburning insulation Acoustic waterproof corrosion resistance


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